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Fight night Champion Didesnė nuotrauka

Fight night Champion

Nenauja (patikrinta, veikia puikiai)

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18,00 €

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Fight Night Champion is a third-person fighter that introduces an all-new control scheme to the series: "Full-Spectrum Punch Control".[2] This method allows players to throw onscreen punches by merely flicking their game controller's right control stick (in addition to the previous default option of 'punching' by pressing a button on the controller). This extra option is intended to eliminate the more complicated controller manipulations that were necessary in the "Total Punch Control" system of previous editions of the Fight Night series.

Along with Full-Spectrum Punch Control, several modifications have been made to the secondary controller buttons that are used for uncommon and power punches. The "Haymaker modifier" of past editions has been replaced with a "power modifier". This modifier allows power punches to be thrown by holding a specific button while punching. The blocking and leaning system has also been modified; there are now single buttons dedicated to both blocking and leaning.

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